Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ode to my Dad

My dad is the best. Tomorrow is his birthday and I wanted him to know how much I love him and all he means to me. He makes me laugh, he always calls me to see how my days are going, he likes to take me out to lunch or dinner, he is such a fun grandpa to Mayley and Hunter. He is a spiritual GIANT in my eyes and I love him for helping me to realize how important it was to serve a full-time mission. I love him for loving my mom so much and they fun things they do in their marriage. They take good care of each other. He has always been there for me to talk, and he helps to realize the importance of the gospel and following the spirit in my life. I love you dad! I hope you have a fun birthday :)

I love this picture of us on my wedding day.

The day I left to go on my mission to brazil!!

Dad being a fun grandpa with mayley. Mayley calls him Papa.

Dad taking Mayley on the zoo train when she was about 6 months old. I forgot to bring something for her to block her from the sun that day and so we found the cute orange hat for her at the gift shop that day.

Cute pic of my parents :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week in Review

We went to Temple Square and saw the Christmas lights. Hunter like his new hat, scarf and finally got to wear his blue boots. Mayley was excited to see all the "sprinkle" lights.

Hunter got his first haircut. He now has a little buzz and it makes him look older. We think it gave him more energy because he has been a crazy man the last two days. Bry taught him to do "rocks" or "props" (whichever you call it, where you make a fist and hit it into the other persons)
Bry has this ornament where Homer Simpson is stepping on a cat. There is a button you push and the cat screams and Homer says Doh. We pushed the button and right after Homer said "Doh" Hunter said "Doh" (sorry Grandma Lynda)

Mayley likes to wear her boots and no pants. She almost snuck outside to go help shovel the snow yesterday. Some funny things she said this week: She took Bry's wallet opened it up and said "I want 50 bucks." Bry replied, "so do I" We asked her what her best part of the day was and she randomly replied "Hunter found a popsicle under the trampoline." (There was an icicle growing under the trampoline that Hunter found earlier that day.) She loves her babies and likes to take pictures with all of her dolls.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gingerbread houses!

Call Family Gingerbread house making 2008
Our little Mayley decorating her very own gingerbread house!! She did sooo good for her first time. We were so excited that she could do it all by herself this year!

Hunter helped Bryan with his house too!!

Just look at Hunter's face!! He ate way too much CANDY!

We got to take them home!! This is what they looked like afterwards!

I couldn't resist!! I had to put a picture of Hunter's Sunday outfit this past week!! He looked like a stud!! It's so fun dressing him up!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Favorite Part of the Day!

Before we go to bed at nights we always ask Mayley what her best part of the day was. Yesterday she said it was going to the store for this reason.........She got to decorate a christmas tree sugar cookie, and get her face painted. She ate the cookie home in the car but she only ate the GREEN Frosting. I hurried and grabbed the camera when we got home so I could have a funny moment on camera of the huge mess she made!! It was fun to go to Macey's yesterday!
OOPS! Hunter SNUCK a bite of the cookie!! I love this pic of him in the background!

The funny SANTA on Mayley's face!! She sat perfectly still while the girl painted her face!! She was soooo good! I was super impressed!

Good Friends, Good Times!

Last Tuesday I got together with my 4 favorite girls that I had super fun memories with throughout my high school life. We were the Murray High School Senior cheerleaders back in 2000. 8 years later we finally got together with a bunch of kiddies and had fun chatting and made a mess in Nikki's basement. Thanks so much Nik! I love and admire these girls a ton!! You all have taught me so much and I will never forget all the fun times we had back in the day!

Nikki Chesire Tait (pink shirt), Shea K. Thurman (ummm yeah let me try to remember how to spell your maiden last name!! hehe), Holly Mangum Lang, Heather Anderson Dalton, and me.

And all of our children!! Nikki's boys are in the front Gavin and Owen!! They are the cutest little boys!! Heather's little boy, Aiden, is sitting next to them on the far left. Hailey is Heather's little girl tucked in between the two boys!! Shea has a whopping 4 boys!! They are darling!! Jaxon, Jayden, Jettson, and Jordan! Shea is such a cute mom!! Holly just had another baby, Katie, in september so she left the baby at her mom's and just brought her little Emri who is sitting next to mayley. Emri is so stinkin cute too!! Yeah Hunter is screaming in the back and mayley is ready to pick her nose probably!! Hunter wasn't feeling very good that day!! poor guy! We took all the kids to Chick-fil-a and filled their tummies up with nuggets and let them play in the playplace!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bryan is a master at Kung Foo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So we have a DVR and we love to watch the office. So we record EVERY episode and watch them after the kids go to bed. It's on TBS every tuesday and wednesday and then NBC on Thursday. But I just watched a funny one and there was a funny joke that Jim tells to Michael when he walks into the office in this episode....he says "It smells like up dog in here" and Michael asks "What's up dog??!" hahahah get it?!?! That's funny!! I get a kick out of this show like none other!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It's the best!! We've only been watching it for the past year. Does anyone know how Jim and Pam get together?!? We saw the an old episode of Pam getting engaged to Roy on a boat. Jim is totally digging pam in this episode and he is totally crushed that Pam is engaged to Roy. So how do they break it off and how does it all work out that Jim and Pam finally get together? I missed how that all happened! Please someone tell me!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Roscoe the Dog

Last night we went to our friends house Charlene and Nate's House. We love to eat dinner together. Charlene is an amazing cook. Wow! They got this new little miniature pinscher dog. Charlene named him Roscoe. He is so small and dainty. The kids loved chasing him around and mayley thought of a new name for him. "RASTA-DOG" instead of Roscoe. It was pretty funny to hear her running around the house trying to catch the dog and yelling Rasta-dog!! We love our little Mayley and funny things she says!! Hunter loves Dogs I think even more! Except he tries to hit them instead of pet them. He is instense with everything he does!!

My quriks!!

My cute friend Rachel tagged me and I have thought about this for awhile of different things about me that maybe that you don't know. It made me think a lot and it was fun to do! Thanks Rach!!

Rules; 1 Link the person who tagged you. 2 Mention the rules on your blog. 3 Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. 4 Tag 6 other bloggers by linking them.

These are in no paticular order:

1) I actually enjoy going to the Dentist. It is relaxing to me to sit in the chair and watch TV. My Dentist is super nice and the ladies that work for him are super fun to talk to. It also gives me a chance to have time for myself. I actually think its fun to get numbed in your mouth because its funny to eat afterwards!! last week I had to get my first crown (I don't like so much the drilling and the smoke that comes out of my mouth) but I love being relaxed. When I was younger and I went to my family dentist I ALWAYS got the Gas and it was my favorite thing EVER! Now I have to sacrifice and not get it because its a little too much moola.

2) I love to eat bananas but I don't like to eat banana flavored candies. I love banana bread and things that have REAL bananas in them but not candy stuff. Weird I know.

3) I admitted to my friend last night Charlene that I don't like to really read. Its not fun for me. I think that is WEIRD because EVERYONE is always telling me about books they are reading. And it seems like everyone has read all of the twilight books. Bry got offered tickets to a special premiere to the movie Twlight at Jordan Commons next week and I said, "Well i have never read the books so it wouldn't be fun for me." I know like a million ladies in my ward that would love to have them. Don't hate me girls! ahhh. I do like to read my scriptures and the ensign and the friend though! I do have to admit that I LOVE reading picture books to my kids though!! They love it.

4) I love to go inside craft stores like Roberts or Joann's and look around and get fun ideas but I never seem to buy anything. I just love the fun things they have in there.

5) I never iron my clothes. I just always throw them in the dryer and get them warm and hurry and put them on. I don't even know how to iron bryan's work shirts he does it himself. I have tried but I'm not very good. yikes.

6) I always have to wear pajamas to bed. I have all kinds of different shirts that I wear with fun jammy bottoms. I am wearing my BYU-Idaho shirt and my jammy bottoms right now. I can't wear just my "G's" to bed.

This is super fun to do: I tag minha Familia e amigas: Britt, Lynda, Kerri, Nancy, Christianna, Kate, & Marissa :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mayley Multi-tasking!!

A joke while Bryan and I were dating was that we could multitask while talking on the phone with each other since I lived at my parents house before the mission and he lived in Rexburg at BYU-Idaho so we talked A LOT on the phone. Well I guess Mayley started multi- tasking last night. She has recently been saying her own prayers at meal time and before she goes to bed. So last night at dinner time we asked her who was going to say the prayer. She replied, "ME" So she started praying..."Heavenly Father, thank you this day, thank you for food," Then there is a pause in the prayer and we hear her fork hitting in the plate and we squint our eyes open to see her sneaking a bite of food in between the prayer...then she went on with the prayer "Bless Hunter, bless mommy, bless daddy, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

It was classic!! One of those moments that you have to laugh at! I'm sure Heavenly Father had a smile on his face as well. I love the innocence of my children!! It was so stinkin funny. I giggle everytime I think of her sneaking that bite in!!!

A fun suprise!

Last Wednesday Bryan called and said that he got us tickets to Disney on Ice at the Energy Solutions arena!! I kept dreaming how fun it would be to go and my little dream came true. We told Mayley all day that we were going to a princess show and she jumped around the house because she was so estatic!! It was super cute show. Mayley's favorite was Nemo and Dory. The characters were amazing at their skating skills. Professionals obviously! Hunter danced in his chair for a while and we got popcorn to entertain the kids after awhile too. What a fun night of disneyness!!!

This picture cracks me of their faces!!!Beauty and the beast!! So CUTE!! Mayley would say!

Our favorite disney pixar movie in our house is of course if you know it you would know " It's BRUCIE!!"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Soccer Monster's

For Sunday night activity we watched the Backyardigans. Soccer Monster is Mayley and Hunter's favorite episode. They dance throughout the entire show and want to watch it again and again.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I got through it!!

So I finally did it! My first offical piano recital. Its quite a scary thing being the piano teacher and watching my students get up there and watch them perform with everything I have taught them. Most of my students are first timers too. Meaning it was their first time ever to play at a recital. I was only 6 or 7 years old I think at my first piano recital. I remember it was in this ladies home and it was really messy inside and my dad kept telling us how dirty it was after we left. good thing for the piano store that let us do it at their recital hall. I have lots of scary and funny memories from piano recitals when I was growing up. My favorite one that I will never forget was when I was about 9 or 10 and me and my best friend Jessica were playing at Julie Goodro's back yard during the spring or summer time and I got up and looked straight at Jessica and said "Hi my name is Jessica Walton and I will be playing blah blah blah" I really can't remember the song but we were laughing super hard. What a funny memory! I have lots of sad memories from my recitals since my mind would always go blank in the middle of the memorized piece and I would have to have my teacher come and put the music up on the piano for me to finish the piece. My hands would shake so bad that I could not control where they went on the keyboard. I was a nervous wreck when it came to recitals. of course I would bawl for the rest of the night. ahhhhhh. I kept playing after all of those years though and love being a teacher now. I only have 6 students right because of all of what life is giving me to take care of right now. Being a mom, a homemaker, and being in the primary, and doing my best to be a good wife to my wonderful amazing husband who I adore to pieces. I wanted to perform the night of the recital so I practiced super hard the song "Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Greig. Uhhh lets just say it was a little embarrassing...not as bad I was expected but I know I didn't play it perfect...I had very little time to practice and when I did I found out the night of the recital that I had been practicing it wrong. which added more stress to the actual performance. I guess I did my best with the little bit of anxiety I had in me. Wow! What an experience!! My students left to right: Manda (the black cat) shelbie (the clown), Todd (a jedi knight), Karl (some kind of cape on witht he brown shirt) Mitch (the pumpkin) and Nikki is next to me. My friend let me borrow her Midevil sorcerer princess costume. I though it was pretty awesome!!

Happy Halloween

Mayley was Minnie Mouse, Hunter was Mickey Mouse and Bry and I were party poopers and did not dress up. Each year at Bry's work they have all the kids come and trick or treat at lunch. Hunter and Mayley went around to everyones office and gathered up a ton of candy. They went back to Bry's office and enjoyed it all.

The Deck!

We finally finished the deck. Thanks to Grandpa Call and Bry. The goal was to have the yard, fence, and deck done for Hunters birthday. We are three months behind but it looks great.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

halloween with old friends!

My cutest friend in the whole world Christina had a fun halloween party last saturday for our good friends. Me, Bry, Katie, Lou (Lindsay) and Chris, Julie Johnson palmer, (Euge) Kent Page, & Allen Greenwell all got together with our hubbies,wives, and kids and had a yummy soup bowl dinner. We carved pumpkins, decorated sugar cookies, and chatted about fun times. It was fun to have high school friends that I can still see. I'm glad we all have the gospel in our lives. Remember the albertson scripture from Bro. Grossen?? Anyone?!?! Yeah gotta love it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Zoo Fun!

Bryan took the day off of work last friday and we went and played at the zoo with my parents!! It was super fun. Hunter loved looking and pointing at all the animals. It was a beautiful perfect day to go. Mayley loved going on the train ride. She said she loved the monkeys the best! We did too. It was UEA weekend so there was a ton of people there but it was fun to get out and do something fun. This large elephant likes to make funny noisees. Mayley was kinda scared of it.

Hunter sitting on the elephant's trunk. He never has any expression on his face. He is just chill!

The kids loved the giraffes! It is amazing to see how each giraffe's spots are all different! Just like us!!

Riding on the tigers!! way fun!