Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beautiful Fun!

We went to Zions National Park and did a bunch of fun things this weekend. Bry got work off to go and do some fun things. My mom joined in for the fun! We loved it. It was nice to get away and enjoy the scenary! Bry takes some awesome pics! This is when we went to Zions on our long hike to these mini waterfalls called Emerald Falls. There were about 3 or 4 of them.

We went to this beautiful canyons called KOLOB canyons! They are amazing! Mayley was so excited to finally get out of the car. It was super cold!! We didn't dare take Hunter out cause we hurried and pulled off onto the side of the road and took this awesome pic behind us.

On our way to the waterfalls we stopped off and saw these cool mountains behind us that were named after a baptist minister. The mountains are called "Abraham, Issac and Jacob"

We had this lady take the pic of us on our hike but you can't tell but there is a HUGE mountain behind us that is VERY tall behind us.

Hunter was so serious sitting in this rock!! He wouldn't smile for the life of him! He was just chillin. What a cool rock!
Me and Mayley getting all muddy and looking at the beautiful waterfalls. It was raining that day a little bit so it was really wet and we got mud EVERYWHERE!
I will have to add more later! Talk about a lot of fun!! It was beautiful sight seeing!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A special memory!

Elder Carlos A. Godoy, age 47. At the time of his call, he had been serving as a member of the Seventh Quorum of the Seventy in the Brazil Area.
Elder Godoy received a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Pontificia Universidade Catolica and a master’s degree in organizational behavior from Brigham Young University. He spent his career as a human resources manager before starting his own company.
Since joining the Church in 1977, Elder Godoy has served in numerous Church callings, including bishop, high councilor, president of the Brazil Belem Mission, and Area Seventy. He was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on February 4, 1961. He married Mônica Soares Brandao in March 1984. They are the parents of four children. (I copied this from LDS.org)

Today while I was reading the conference issue of the ensign I found Elder Carlos Godoy who was put in a new member of the 1st quorom of the seventy in april 2008 . Do you believe that he is a Brazilian? I served in his ward while on my mission in my last area called Barueri. I went to his house many times as a missionary for lunches. I remember him taking me and my comp to the neighbors and places around his neighborhood to find people to teach. He was really fun to be around. I remember a special time on my mission where I was able to switch companions for a week. The sister I was put with was going through a difficult time on the mission and I remember she came to church with me one sunday and Elder Godoy was speaking that day. Heavenly Father directed Elder Godoy very well and spoke directly to my sister Companion. It was a beautiful talk and I was probably in tears the whole time. I felt so blessed for all that he taught me as a missionary. At the time he was an area authority down there in Brazil so we hardly ever saw him on sundays. Anyway I thought it was cool that I know this man and wanted to share the experiences I had with him as a missionary. He is an amazing indiviual. He has a really cool fam too! :) His daughter, Renata, would always accompany us on many people we were teaching. I found out later she served a mission in the Salt Lake Temple Mission. I love having mission memories!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cute Swimsuits!

So I was watching Studio 5 on KSL the other morning and they had these really cool swimming suits that are REALLY cute! They are a local store too! It is in American Fork. But here is there website:


The only dumb thing is those that live out of state they don't have a place that you can order online. They have super modest tankinis and I wish I could buy one right now. Too bad I bought a new swimsuit a couple months ago. But I guess this is more for you that want a cute swimsuit or need a new one. They even have them for little girls and boys! I love summer time!

We have Grass!

Halleighluya!!! I know I spelled it wrong but it looks kinda funny!

We finally got sod last week in our back yard and our side strips areas! Bry has been working his tail off in the yard. Its been quite the large marge job!! I am proud of Bryan for all of his hard work. I'm grateful that Brys parents have been able to help us with the kids and putting in all the sprinklers and everything. It has been amazing to see it all come into place. I dont have any pics yet because we left our camera in salt lake and then we are using an old one of my moms that we can't download pics onto here. CRAZY!! Its going to be soooooooo great! :) Happy Day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's Official!

My one and only Brother Parker proposed to Ali Watts on Sunday May 4, 2008. Alice is fabulous! She has been part of the fam for a good couple of years. So we know her really good! She is perfect for Parker. They are so in love. They even drive the same car and they both grew up with a weenie dog! She is such a good little auntie already to mayley and hunter. They are getting married August 1st! Yay for you guys! All I have to say about the ring is HOLY DANG You Lucky Girl! THAT'S AWESOME! :) I love you guys!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I CanNot Believe It!

So on saturday hunter started walking all by himself behind this fun little cart! We could not believe it. He's getting too big too fast. He's such a fun little man! We had our friends over so don't mind all of the talking in the back. The guys of course were watching bball so that's why Bryan says that Hunter got distracted!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bryan's Job is the best!

Bryan's job is the best because he has many fun perks! I get to meet different and intersting people. I get to see what kind of people Bryan gets to work with! I love that Bry loves me enough to take me with him to these fun events; Such as the Jazz game. Bryan got invited to sit in the KSL suites last night of the last playoff game against The Rockets. Since Bry is so into sports I am sucked into enjoying it too. Which I do! I love the Jazz! These are some fun pics we got of the game! This is "Bear-toven" playing the song "goodness grashish great-balls of FIRE!" out came Fire from the piano! Super funny! Bry got a pic of Tracy Mcgrady "Trying" to shoot a 3 pointer...he probably missed. He's pretty good though. He made 40 points for their team!

The Bear came out on this crazy stilts and was doing a ball toss and got this HUGE golf club and HUGE TEE & was hitting balls into the crowd!
This is my absolute favorite thing about being in the suites is the yummy food & the desserts. It is different everytime we go. I get super excited when we get to eat DOVE icecream bars during half time! They are to die for! I love going just to eat these!