Monday, April 28, 2008

This is a first

Have any of you ever had a toenail fall off?? I have really weird toes and I was always paranoid that no one would marry me because of my toes. My middle toe is the shortest toe and it likes to hide behind the toe next to it. I noticed a long time ago that my middle toenail was weirdly discolored and so I would always try and put fingernail polish on my toes so that I could cover it up. This has been for at least a year now. I noticed the other night that the toenail was falling off and not even connected to the skin. So today I went on a long walk with my friend and when I got home and took off my sweaty socks and then jumped in the shower and after it was just handing there so I peeled it off. I know that sounds super gross. I just have never had a toenail fall off before. I don't know how to take care of a toenailess toe! so if any of you have had this kind of thing do you take care of it??
It doesn't hurt at all and it doesn't even feel like I'm missing the toenail so that's a plus!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our date night!

Our 3 anniversary date was awesome! We went to eat yummy brazilian food! OPA! There is a funny story about us going there too. Our waiter came up to me and said "Hey you look familiar.." and I looked at him and said "Hey weren't you a teacher at the CTM?" He totally was! His name was Irmao Danilo. Obviously it was a good 4 1/2 years since I was there but it was so fun to see someone that I remember there. The CTM was a small little place so the teachers were always roaming around...Funny that I remembered him! SMALL WORLD! We were completely stuffed from eating all of the food. HOLY COW! I even got to drink Suco de Acerola and eat Linguica!! YUMMM my favorite juice from brazil! I love my hubby for taking me there! I'm glad that he likes to eat brazilian food too. Eu Amo a comida brazileira! Amo meu marido de mais!! :) After we ate we waddled out to the car and headed to the Salt Lake Temple and did sealings! The blessings are amazing for being able to be sealed in the temple. I love to go to the temple and feel of the amazing spirit that dwells there. I love the blessing of being married. I am grateful to have a hubby that can go inside with me also. Its the best thing EVER! :) It was just a good date night. oh and I wrote bryan a poem SLASH lyrics to a song if I wanted to write music to it which I thought was pretty fly!

Fun Movie!

We watched this movie with our friends tonight and it was so fun! It was super funny and it was just a good family movie to watch. I definently recommend it! So go get it and watch it! It had a good message about being together as a family! I loved it! Yay for good movies!

Happy 9 months...5 days ago!

We love this little guy! We can't believe he is already 9 months old. What a cutie! He makes our lives so much fun! Except when hes teething and likes to wake us up 4 and 5 times a night! I can't believe how fast he has grown up. He is a super strong man. He pulls himself up on everything and thinks he can eat a steak practically! JK! We have lots of stairs in our house and he climbs up them any chance he can get. He smiles at everyone he sees and snuggles with anyone that will hold him! Bry likes it when he grabs the remote control because he knows that is a good sign of man-hood (I guess!) Yay for the bubbies!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy 3 years!!!!

Wow 3 wonderful years of Marriage!! Bryan is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love him for being my amazing hubby! How funny that March 24, 2003 our first date would be the end to a happy beginning of our lives together. You had me when you got me that blueberry squishee! :)
Our days back in high school were full of surprises!! Who would've thought that the night that 3 crazy guys came to visit me in those funny yellow tuxes would've been my future hubby standing next to me!! It was totally meant to be! Funny thing was that the middle guy (Allen) had a crush on me! Little did he know that he was setting me up for my future man next to me!
Oh good ole college days!! Bry was traveling back with Trendy from BYU-I to see us! I made him my favorite chicken brocoli casserole and he was hooked on my cooking! Kate was my greatest roomie in the world! Trendy was the guy in the pic that got us together!
The night before Bry left me to start his college life at BYU-I with his buddy on the end Isreal! That was the start of a great PHONE relationship every night!!
I don't have a ring yet! even though it looks like I do on my finger! This is one of the last pics we took together before I left for the mission! Yikes! We were even matchy matchy White squared! Oh we were nerds in love!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Should I Buy This?

I am looking for a new car. I found this one and think I might buy it. Tell me what you think.
Great for family vacation
Sleeps 4
Most importantly it can fly into outter space!
My neighbor has one just like it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Splish Splash they were taking a bath!

We wanted to try putting Hunter in the sink to give him a bath because it was a lot faster then filling up the bath tub. It is harder for us to bend over in the tub and this way we could just hold on to him and know that he wasn't going to fall over. Of course, Mayley saw Hunter getting in so she wanted to get in too! These pics are just super cute of the kids! If Hunter has his bottle she has to have her Milk TOO, if he is playing with a toy Mayley wants to play with it TOO. They are fun kids :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Tour at ABC 4 Studio

Tuesday night I met Bryan in Salt Lake and got to go take a small tour of ABC 4 Studio. Bryan really took his young men's for their activity but I wanted to tag along. There were a ton of scout groups there and a big young women's group there also. We all went into the studio and sat on benchs right in front of the big green screen where the weather is done. We took the kids thinking that there would be more mobility during the night. But of course we sat for a good hour and a bunch of the people that you see on the news talked to us and we got to ask them questions. We got to see Terry Wood, Barb Smith, Dana Greene (the sports guy) and Marti Skold (the weather lady). It was so fun to see them in real life and learn more about them and what they do. When Marti came out and told us how she got into learning about weather I took mayley to sit on the front row because no one was sitting there. She told us how the green screen works and was looking for someone with GREEN on that night. I happened to be sitting there and she picked me to come up and I went invisiable because I was wearing green. I thought that was fun. She was such a personable lady and so cute with the kids. After we got done that night she was passing out pens that looked like an umbrella and I waited until most everyone was gone. I asked her if I could take a picture with her and Bry got one of us on his phone! She put her arm around me and was just super friendly! She thanked me for helping her out and invited me to come watch them live on the Good Things Utah set. And....that was bout it because other people wanted to talk to her also. Wow I met someone kinda famous. I have always been super shy to talk to people like that so that was a big step for me I guess.
For those of you who are wondering who she is: She is the 3rd to the right in the pic above with the blonde hair!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Discovery Muesum

This weekend for date night we got a membership to the Discovery Muesum at the gateway. It was a blast and perfect for mayley. We learned about how to make all kinds of fun things. Mayley's absolute favorite thing was riding around in the cars that looked like a police car. We couldn't keep her away. Bry had just as fun playing with all the fun things. I totally recommend this place to anyone with kids. It was totally worth it to get a membership and go back lots of times for free now! I'm super stoked about it :)

Coloring all the walls is a fun idea for kids since they can't do it at home. Mayley loved it!

The Masterpiece

bryan had more fun than mayley at the muesuem!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mayley's birthday cake!

She is too excited to lick all the frosting off! Or she is probably saying "blow out candles...AGAIN AGAIN!"

Mayley being funny!

I found this video of Mayley from about 4-5 months ago and put it on You Tube so I could add it to the blog. She is a super smartie Pants!