Monday, September 29, 2008

Bry had a birthday!!

We had a fun birthday for Bry this year!! He is now 27 years old. Wow we are getting old. Mayley likes to let everyone know how old they are. She can say how old Bry is, and everyone else in the fam. I went into Salt Lake with Bry on friday. I took him lunch and we celebrated in his office with the kids there. He got a yummy cake from some of the people that he works with and Hunter and Mayley had fun digging in with their hands. It was from a place called cakesdefleur it was amazing!! We went and got him a bouquet of balloons for fun too! We got to play at the calls house that day too. The kids love playing with their cousins, Abbie, Anna, & Megan.

Bryan's sisters offered to watch the kids for us so we could have a date night. It was sooo much fun. We went to this crazy place called Baxter American for dinner. It is a new place down at the gateway. It was quite the place to eat. We then went and watched the Movie "FOREVER STRONG" it was so awesome. Let's just say that me and bry haven't gotten to see a movie for almost a year now so we were excited to go to the theaters. We loved this movie. If you haven't heard of the director of the movie is LDS and made this movie about the Highland High school Rugby team. It totally worth the 8 bucks to go and see it. Its a good feel good movie! Bry made fun of me because I cried like 1/2 of the movie! I'm so glad we got to go see it. Happy birthday baby! I love Bryan so much and he is the perfect Hubby I could ever ask for! I'm glad I have him!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sneaky little girl

Mayley loves to get a hold of the camera and take pictures of us either looking or not looking. The redness around the picture is her finger blocking the lense and getting only a little bit. We have a good 2 dozen pictures of her taking pictures of random things. These are the good ones that I have found. Maybe she will want to be a photographer one day.
She got a hold of the camera while I was teaching piano lessons to Shelbie who lives in my ward. Wow I didn't even know she was taking pics of me.
We went shopping with Grandma Redding last friday and she got a couple good ones of my mom!
She was taking pictures of us in the car too.
She wanted to take a picture of Grandpa Call. Good Cheeser smile for Mayley! I'm glad she has these wonderful pictures of the family she has taken! What would we do without little Mayley!

Parabens for Hayley

Semana pasada minha cuinhada recebeu sua chamado a servir a missao. Faz algum tempo que agora que nao tenho falado portugese!! Estava muito animada quando ela abriu sua chamado e foi (nao para Brazil) mas foi para Missao PORTUGAL, PORTO!! Ela vai falar portugese como eu! OTIMO!! LEGAL DE MAIS!! E maravilhoso que ela vai ser uma missionaria em Portugal! Ela e muito espiritual e Ela vai ser uma grandiosa SISTER! Estou muito feliz por Ela. Para voces que entendem o que estou escrevendo espero que possam entender tudo!! AHHHH. Sei que Ela vai amar sua missao como eu amei minha missao. Foi o melhor decisao que eu fiz em minha vida!! depois de fato que eu fiz a decisao a casar meu marido foi muito bom CLARO! ENTAO, desfrutem as fotos ok!!!

I want to practice my portugese and wanted my sister in law Hayley to figure out some of this stuff that I wrote about her. I'm super excited because she gets to speak portugese like me on her mission. She is going to be a wonderful missionary and she is full of the spirit. I am very happy for her and I know this will be an amazing experience for her to serve a mission like it was for me. I was so excited when she opened her call to serve in Portgual! What a fun mission! :) yay for being a missionary.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This was a fun game to go to. We are grateful to have such wonderful parents that will watch the kids for 5 hours so that we can go and have our dates!!! I know I have a very small knowledge of Football but I would rather go to the game and watch it LIVE instead of watching it on TV for that long. Its definently more instease. I'm glad Bry can teach me. Its fun to learn new things. The game was amazing and was super packed. I don't think there was an empty seat there. We had awesome seats and got to sit in the shade most of the second half. Phew because it was a hot sun last saturday. I went to Macey's grocery store and bought us matchy blue byu shirts for cheap to take to the game and made bry go on a treasure hunt to find them as a surprise the night before the game. Bascially if you aren't wearing a BYU shirt at the game you don't look cool. I'm glad I get to do fun things with my hubby and he chooses me over anyone else. I love him a lot :) Later that night we met up with my brother and Ali and my other 2nd brother I like to call him "Robbie" and his girlfriend/date Kaylee for pizza at "THE PIE" we got the largest pizza ever. It was the 23 inches. It was huge and we all split it with 8 people (hunter and mayley were there too) and still had extras to take home. It was sooooo yummy! I would want to go there again. It's a fun place. I love having fun days like this!! It was the best part of my weekend!

The funny things Mayley says,

Last night while attempting to give the lesson for family night Mayley blurts out "oops my bum is sticking out!" She had her panties on backwards. You can only imagine that her panties are bulging in the front and tiny in the back by her bum. We got a good laugh out of it. It was one of the funnier things she has said latley. Then while we were scooping icecream to have for family night treat say says.. "I want a big chunk of icecream" It's very suprising the words or phrases she comes up with everyday. We sure get a kick out of her.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mayley's Help with the Preview of Hunter's Costume

This is just awesome!! Sorry its sideways. Mayley wanted to wear Hunter's Halloween Costume. It almost fits her and its size 12 month. I love my kids!

Our new Niece and Cousin

I stole these pics from my sisters blog. I am happy that my sister got to have another baby. This is her 4th. Her baby came 2 1/2 weeks early and she was super healthy!! They named her Avery Gale Doll. Gale is my mom's middle name. It's the first time my sister has had a baby with dark hair. She is a cute little baby girl that's for sure. I'm happy for you Britt. Wish I could come to California and see her!!'s what fun is!!

We got to go to Lagoon this past saturday!! It was an all out fun day for the kids. The most exciting ride me and bry got to do is Puff the Magic Dragon. We went Swimming later in the day and the water was freezing but it was still relaxing to go in the lazy river and float around with the kids. The first ride was a little frightening for Mayley because we couldn't go on it with her. She was a little sad but after that we kept going on more and she loved it more and more. I am kind of get emotional when I see my kids having so much fun. sounds kind of silly but I cry when I see that my kids are healthy and able to do fun and exciting things. Its quite hard to get pictures when they are going in circles so fast but we went on almost all of the kiddie rides possible.

Waiting outside for dad to bring us the tickets.Hunters first merry-go-round ride. Yeah I'm sitting on the horse next to him that was like 5 feet taller and I couldn't get off the thing and hold him because we were going around so fast so I had to hold onto him for dear life and made sure he stayed on. Those horses are slippery.

After we went swimming he wanted to be like mom and wear my sunglasses. What a stud!

Their first ride!! There wasn't a line so we stuck them on this one. Yeah they wouldn't look at me but yeah they were kinda sad. Hunter had no expression whatsoever on his face. It was pretty funny.
They loved dinging the bell on the boats. Too bad the line was forever to take the kids on this one or else we could've gone again and again.
Mayley was so smart she knew exactly what to do to make her helicopter go high. She held onto the bar and pulled it towards her and they went super high!
Me and Mayley flying past. Good timing Bry!

Look at Hunter's face in this pic with Bry!! He wasn't so excited about Puff. It was a little too much for the little man.

A fun place I found

I was super excited when I had a lady in my ward tell me about a learning Center in Tooele that I can take my kids to. Its like a little preschool for Mayley for free!! I have looking for something fun for my kids to do for awhile now. Tooele just doesn't have much to do out here and after doing the same things like going to the park, going to McDonalds or doing play groups gets redunant but I'm grateful I do have those things to do than nothing. The learning center is for kids 0-5. I can even take Hunter and stay there with her. Tomorrow we are going to go and learn the letter "O" and bring a show-and-tell item that starts with that letter. Sounds fun!! Mayley is super smart and I think she needs something like this to get her mind moving. She is definently a social bug like her mom. It will be exciting for her to interact with other kids around her by learning. I'm so grateful I found this place and we will see how it goes!! Wahoo for learning for free!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bring on the Bowling

We went bowling with my fam on labor day! Jack and Jill's is the coolest bowling Alley. Thats if you know all about American Fork. The place was packed. We had to put our name on a waiting list and waited for a good 30 minutes after we showed up. The kids loved rolling the ball down the little ramp and we got to have bumpers for mayley. It was a super fun day. We made homemade peach cobbler and I burned it...darn it. The oven at my parents house decided to turn off on us and we had no idea how long it had been cooking for so we had to guess how long it had already cooked. It still tasted pretty good. It was fun to see Parker and Alice. I haven't gotten to see my fam since they got married. We got to see Parker and Ali's little abode and it was cutsie! My dad said that their huge TV keeps their place warm for them. Bry could almost hit his head on their ceiling. Parker beat all of us at bowling and got a score of 206. The highest score he has ever had. It was awesome. I love bowling. It was way fun. Mayley's bowling shoes were so dang cute on her! She wanted to take them home.
Bry loves teaching the kids how to bowl.
Hunter using his tough man skills and trying to hold the ball all by himself. What a dude!!
The love birds being CAAAARAZY!!

Mayley's size 6 bowling shoes!!

Hunter was held by everyone because he kept getting away and trying to get his fingers pinched in the bowling balls. I can never get that kid to look at me when it comes to cameras!! I love parkers big head in the way. It's like a weathering system!!!