Sunday, October 25, 2009

A new look!

Ok so I have decided to change our blog and give it a new look and give it a new address!
AND we are going to go Private as well! So please comment on here and tell me what your email address is so I can send you an invite to our new blog!!

People's addresses I would love to have that I don't have yet!:
Christy (that's you hoffa!) i have no idea what your married last name is!! I feel so dumb!
Erica McKnighton
Angela Walker
Laura Sorensen
Shea Thurman
Heather Dalton
and all the rest of you!!

Or if you haven't looked at my blog in a super long time email me and I will add you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Witches Galore!

I probably would've taken more pics at Gardener village but then my camera died!! Super cute witches were all over the place. These were some of the cute pics we took while we hung out there a couple weeks ago! Hunter reaching for grandpa to get him off that Bail of Hay!! yeah so much for keeping the mickey mouse costume. He is getting way too big for it now!! It's my favorite costume I have ever bought!!

Grandma lynda and Mayley hanging out by a really cool antique Sleigh.

I couldn't resist! I thought this was the funniest witch display out of all of them!!

Bryan thought this picture is hurting their bums!! So cute!! It was a fun time enjoying the day with Bryan's Parents. They are Wonderful Grandparents!! A special thanks to Grandpa Call for coming with us! We were glad you came to be with us this day!

Messes a WHOLE lot of 'em!

Hunter and Mayley decided they wanted to paint each other's faces the other day with some paints. I was near by them but I was focused on doing something on the computer. Hunter came running down to me and said "Look at me Mommy!" I was laughing so hard. So were they!! It was all over both of them! He was trying to hide from me so he snuck underneath the table!! I love I got this pic of him!!

Then another day I tried to do a fun craft with them!! WHAT A MESS!! LITERALLY! You get wax paper, glue, and food coloring, and a popsisicle stick. You let your kids draw and go to town being creative with their little minds. Mine just made a HUGE mess!!!

This was the beginning of what became a gigantic mess. Don't worry (mom and mother in law) I was watching them the whole time and helped them make some cute things!