Saturday, May 23, 2009


What in the world have we been up to!?!?! We have been without the internet for a week and a half now. We hooked up with a local company called Beehive wireless. It's been pretty awesome having the internet again. It was actually good without it too!! I had lots of time do get more things that I needed to do. It was a nice break. But I love the internet not to NOT have it.

So in a nutshell: We planted a garden!! Bry made planter boxes and here he is planting our first tomato plants!! We also planted corn, squash, and cucumbers. We will have to see how it comes out. I'm so excited about having our first little garden.

"Hola me llamo Mayley estoy aprendendo espanol ahora en la clase de Sr. Broderick. I'm like totally in jr. high now!!!" My friend Heidi's Husband is a Spanish Jr. High teacher and She took me out to lunch last week for my bday at the park and afterwards she invited me to go see his fun classroom. The kids thought it was so fun to sit in the desks and run around the classroom during this lunch hour. It made me have my own flashbacks of my Spanish Classes. That was fun!!

We got a fun slippin slide for the kids and last monday I had friends over because it was super hot outside and the kids had a blast playing on it. I also made the swingset slide go out over the kiddie pool so they could slide into the pool. They ate tons of fruit snacks and it was fun to hang out with the good friends :)

We had a BBQ last saturday and I made homemade strawberry lemonade. DELICIOUS!! I love this cute pic of May sitting in the lawn chair waiting for dad to finish bbqing for us.

Last but not least I turned 27 on May 11th. It was such a fun day!! I love bdays!! Bry bought be 2 dozen roses (I love his face for buying me flowers!!!), we ate at Chili's (one of my fav restaurants), He suprised me with a new bed comforter that is super cute. Brown, white and sage green colors!!, I went and got free icecream for signing up for the bday club at Cold Stone, me and the kids went to Bajio for lunch, We went and visited our friends that needed visiting :), and I got lots of sweet phone calls and facebook messages from awesome friends. I am so grateful for everyone that was so sweet to remember me on my bday!! I lOVE YOU ALL!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ode to our mothers!

Ode to my beautiful mother who taught me to love one another

She is the best example of service, she is so in tune with the spirit, she has led our family in righteousness, she gives of herself and I know she loves us.

She is super funny and is crazy with her family. She likes to pull pranks (like taking farting machines to family reunions) and loves to laugh, she is always so nice and lets me use her big bath!! "Barrrruuuuuump" I love her for being such a good grandma, she teaches Mayley and Hunter new things each time she is with them and she loves their PAPA.

Side note with being funny: She loves to play "where's waldo" in the mall, and was the campbells soup lady one year. We know how she love her soups and how dad thinks they scare the kids.

She teaches me how to sew, how to learn new things, when to love myself and how to be a good mom when I am LOW.

She teaches me how to bargain shop and go to yard sales. She teaches that's not worth it to get mad when driving, she is example is so many ways. She takes care of me and family and she is always smiling.

She has a positive attitude towards her MS and taking care of dad with his diabetes. She helps me to know that the Lord is there for us and that temple is a special place where we can build our testimonies.

(this is the end of my poem)
Mayley loves grandma snickerdoodle!! Hunter loves running and jumping into your arms. They love all the yummy treats that you get for them like they know they are going to drink POP when they are with Grandma!! Bryan likes that he can rip a big one and wont get in trouble and that you can always top it. LOL! Brianne is glad that she can laugh when you wear your eyepatch and say ARRRR matey and that pee your pants when you are jumping on the trampoline.
We are grateful for mom and so grateful she is one of my best friends. We love her so much and We so grateful for her sacrifices and love for us. She has always supported us in everything we have done. We have been so blessed throughout our lives. We are so grateful to Heavenly Father for giving us such an awesome mom!! You are da best Rhondizzle!!

Ode to the Lyndanator!

I am going to type as fast as possible as that is how you talk because you are always so excited to talk to everyone. We are thankful for always putting others first and making their lives better. We are grateful for all the things that you get for Mayley and Hunter and all the things you teach us. If anyone received an award for best host it would be you. Salesmen are invited in for dinner, you gladly let everyone and anyone stay in the basement, and you cook homemade rolls and scones for everyone.

You play the flute, piano, accordian, and kazoo. You can do swivel hips on the trampoline, and in your prime you ran track, danced, pep squad, and dove. (When you were young you thought diving was fun) You were almost Miss Swiss Days, but you were "miss Heber Water"

You are a fun grandma, we like how you give the kids each 1,000 dollars for their birthdays. They love coming to your house becuase they can pee on the seat and you dont get mad. You just wipe it up with dad's yellow towel. Mayley loves the dress-ups and Hunter loves the trucks and tractors, Brianne likes how you play old school games such as pass the pigs and hopes one day to play pigs while sharing a coke with you. We also like your immitations of American Idol contestants. Bryan likes that you pulled him around in the truck when doing the paper route, would be the catcher so he could practice pitching in the backyard for baseball, and let him drive when he was 14. (We were country)

Overall you are great and we are "glad your family" We love you lots and you make everyone "feel good, feel great, and feel wonderful."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco De Mayo/ AI Party

I love Mexican Food and American Idol so last night I invited my friends over and we had a Mexican Cinco De Mayo Food Fiesta and watched the 4 finaliest ROCK OUT to ROCK MUSIC. All 4 of these contestants are my favorite. I loved Matt Giruard too and Iwas so sad when he left because he was sooooo awesome. Our friends stayed until almost 9:45 at night and we sat talking and laughing!! I love throwing parties, eating food and enjoying good friends and their company! Thanks so much for coming Natasha and Mike and Heidi and Jared! I love you guys!

I haven't been so good at taking pics on my camera, so I just got pics off the computer so you could see all the yummy food we had at our party! I made a super delicious 7 layer bean dip!

I made beef and chicken tacos for a double decker taco experience. SOOO YuMMY!

My friend Heidi made this amazing Fajita pizza! It is DELICIOUS! I'm totally making it sometime. It was off the betty crocker website! I loved it!

Our little friend Dima who is 12 made the most amazing and yummy no bake cookies! I loved them so much that that I snuck 3 little ones!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Backyardigans Planter Box

Wednesdays I always teach piano and Bry's mom is always willing to drive out to our house to watch the kids for me while I teach. I only have one lesson so I asked Bry's mom to help me make yummy Lion House homemade Rolls. They are so easy to make. The secret ingredient is REAL Butter and nonfat dry milk. They were amazingly delicious. After the rolls were done and the kids helped we decided to bust out this little backyardigans planter box that we bought for mayley's birthday. Bry's mom helped me figure it out cause the directions were a little weird. We were laughing pretty hard what came of this crazy mess with the kids!

Hunter loved digging in the dirt. It was like he was in heaven and I was trying to control him from not flinging it everywhere.
I got it on sale one day at Joann's Craft store and it didn't come with seeds so we just put some zinnia seeds in the planter box. I wonder if they will grow??? Anyway that was a fun day!!!!

Mayley going to the Dentist

Last Monday me and Mayley got to go to the Dentist to get our teeth cleaned. I love my Dentist and Natalie that cleans our teeth is soooo cute. My mom helped me with the kids. I carry my camera everywhere with me so my mom started taking cute pics when it was mayley's turn to get her teeth done. They have the TV on the ceiling and mayley was so excited to watch Tigger and Pooh for a minute. Mayley watched me get teeth cleaned and Natalie explained everything she was doing so mayley wasn't scared. We got mayley to sit on my lap and all Natalie did was count Mayley's teeth.
Mayley has 20 teeth. Mayley did an amazing job just letting natalie check her teeth. She has the "call teeth" and has really thick gums in between her two top teeth so she will have to get a little laser thing and clip down her gums so that her teeth can grow together straight. The dentist says they do it all the time. I know that her cousins and her aunt hayley had it too. She was a little scared of the cleaning the teeth and didn't get it done, but it was successful just that natalie could count her teeth. mayley got a CARS toothbrush and spongebob toothpaste. Mayley loved it :) She has even been carrying around the floss they gave her too.