Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week in Review

We went to Temple Square and saw the Christmas lights. Hunter like his new hat, scarf and finally got to wear his blue boots. Mayley was excited to see all the "sprinkle" lights.

Hunter got his first haircut. He now has a little buzz and it makes him look older. We think it gave him more energy because he has been a crazy man the last two days. Bry taught him to do "rocks" or "props" (whichever you call it, where you make a fist and hit it into the other persons)
Bry has this ornament where Homer Simpson is stepping on a cat. There is a button you push and the cat screams and Homer says Doh. We pushed the button and right after Homer said "Doh" Hunter said "Doh" (sorry Grandma Lynda)

Mayley likes to wear her boots and no pants. She almost snuck outside to go help shovel the snow yesterday. Some funny things she said this week: She took Bry's wallet opened it up and said "I want 50 bucks." Bry replied, "so do I" We asked her what her best part of the day was and she randomly replied "Hunter found a popsicle under the trampoline." (There was an icicle growing under the trampoline that Hunter found earlier that day.) She loves her babies and likes to take pictures with all of her dolls.


newsinaminute said...

cute pics at temple square and with the dollies--oh she is a tender mother to her dollies and so nurturing--loved to watch her play when she was at my house
the hair cut for hunter is cute too
have a great day--you guys are wonderful --going out in the cold and seeing the lights--neat tradition. glad it wasn't toooo...cold that night--(: fun times--the temple squares lights have always been one of my "VERY" favorite traditions--speaking of favorites or "best parts" Mayley cracks me up with what she says.

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Cute, cute kids!!!!

Jessica said...

I love your family picture at Temple Suare. I miss Salt Lake this time of year!

jeffandlorraine said...

Brito, your kids are so dang cute!!! I love Hunter's haircut and Mayley with her boots! I love how funny kids are! I miss yer guts lady! Merry Christmas! :)

Steph H said...

Wow, Hunter looks so cute all bundled up at temple square. I love when kids can't move because of all their padding. Fun!

Hayley said...

glad mayley has joined the nakey time club!