Sunday, October 25, 2009

A new look!

Ok so I have decided to change our blog and give it a new look and give it a new address!
AND we are going to go Private as well! So please comment on here and tell me what your email address is so I can send you an invite to our new blog!!

People's addresses I would love to have that I don't have yet!:
Christy (that's you hoffa!) i have no idea what your married last name is!! I feel so dumb!
Erica McKnighton
Angela Walker
Laura Sorensen
Shea Thurman
Heather Dalton
and all the rest of you!!

Or if you haven't looked at my blog in a super long time email me and I will add you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Witches Galore!

I probably would've taken more pics at Gardener village but then my camera died!! Super cute witches were all over the place. These were some of the cute pics we took while we hung out there a couple weeks ago! Hunter reaching for grandpa to get him off that Bail of Hay!! yeah so much for keeping the mickey mouse costume. He is getting way too big for it now!! It's my favorite costume I have ever bought!!

Grandma lynda and Mayley hanging out by a really cool antique Sleigh.

I couldn't resist! I thought this was the funniest witch display out of all of them!!

Bryan thought this picture is hurting their bums!! So cute!! It was a fun time enjoying the day with Bryan's Parents. They are Wonderful Grandparents!! A special thanks to Grandpa Call for coming with us! We were glad you came to be with us this day!

Messes a WHOLE lot of 'em!

Hunter and Mayley decided they wanted to paint each other's faces the other day with some paints. I was near by them but I was focused on doing something on the computer. Hunter came running down to me and said "Look at me Mommy!" I was laughing so hard. So were they!! It was all over both of them! He was trying to hide from me so he snuck underneath the table!! I love I got this pic of him!!

Then another day I tried to do a fun craft with them!! WHAT A MESS!! LITERALLY! You get wax paper, glue, and food coloring, and a popsisicle stick. You let your kids draw and go to town being creative with their little minds. Mine just made a HUGE mess!!!

This was the beginning of what became a gigantic mess. Don't worry (mom and mother in law) I was watching them the whole time and helped them make some cute things!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The kids love tuesdays because we get to go to Gymnastics! After they swing on the bar they have to say "TA DA" and stick their hands up in the air. It's so cute! It's so much fun to watch my kids have someone teaching them besides their mom or dad. Sorry the pics are kinda fuzzy!! I will have take more a different day! Their teacher is darling too! She thinks of the funnest stuff for them to do at each class. I'm glad I have tuesday's to look forward for something for us to do!!! WE LOVE IT!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

California Here We Come!

Hunter just passing some of the 1,693 miles that we traveled over the past five days. Hunter and Mayley were excellent passengers. It could not have gone any smoother!The trip started by staying in Primm, NV. The highlight was definately the monorail. We would just ride it back and forth between the casinos. As we crossed the Nevada/California border, we never saw a sign that said "Welcome to California" but once we saw this get-up we felt more than welcomed. Nothing like a purple motorcyle in the back of your car.

Hunter ate his first "In and Out" although the stickers were more of a hit than the hamburger itself. He will learn what is important in life as he gets older. Bryan could have eaten there every meal. We all loved going to coronado beach. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and in the water. The water was cold so we just got in up to our knees.

Sea World is awesome. The kids loved looking at all the animals, petting the dolphins, feeding the sea lions, looking at the manatee's and seeing a fish that looked like nemo and dory was also a highlight, and who could forget Shamu.

The San Diego Zoo was awesome. The animals are so close and you can see so many cool things. Our favorites were the gorillas, and the polar bears. The polar bears had just jumped into the water and were swimming around as we got to that exhibit. It was so cool to be just on the other side of the glass and have them swim past. They are huge.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hunter and May Blowing out Candles!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hunter's invention with the kleenex box!

I was laughing so hard!! What a creative little man...he made the kleenex box look like "MACK" from Cars. We definently need to just get him a mack. Sad that he has to make it out of a funny box!! he did this all by himself! I feel like such a proud mom!! what a stud!

A fun website!

I found this website today with fun jumprope games to play with your kids!!!

My kids love to play jumprope and I'm always trying to sing the little chants like "Cinderella dressed in yellow" That's the only one I remember!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My sweet friend Rachel has been telling me about this book and how great it is. We seem to go through a lot of the same things as moms. So I kept telling her I WANT TO READ IT!! She brought the book over so I could borrow and read it. yes I know I'm not much of a reader but its like reading scriptures. It's so UPLIFTING and wonderful. I feel like such a better person for being a mom and raising my children. I'm already on the third chapter which is pretty good for me since I have a hard time reading. I feel the spirit as I read it and I'm making myself make time for it everyday! I just want all of you wonderful moms to go get this book and read it. It costs about 14-15 dollars. It will make you feel so awesome!!! Thanks Rachel you are the greatest!!
Here is a quote from the book: President Kimball Taught "A Woman will find no greater satisfaction and joy and peace and make no greater contribution to mankind than in being a wise and worthy woman and raising good children. We must further exemplify in our own homes what it means to be a 'joyful mother of children'.....we must lead in our duty to glorify motherhood!!!
how awesome is that?!?! I love the prophets!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hiking with the Fam!

Labor Day we got to go on a super pretty hike with the Call Fam. We went up to Albion Basin up by Alta Ski resort and went on a mile hike up to Secret Lake. We were waiting for the shuttle to come and take us to the trailhead cause there were lots of people waiting to hike up there. I ran into some dude from Murray that had a Lacrosse shirt on. of course he was a lot younger than us but it was fun to make conversation while he was waiting. I feel old when people say that they graduated like 2 or 3 years ago. WHOA! When we got to the top it was a pretty lake!! We actually took mayley here when she was only a couple months old!! I wish I could show the pic of me and her sitting on a little rock. She was so little and so cute! holy cow how time flys!!

One of the funniest things while we were up there playing at the lake was Bry's mom busted out this yummy chocolate cake. She wanted to make sure and celebrate and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY outloud to bry just in case we wouldn't be together during his birthday. Hunter is already digging in OF COURSE! It was a super yummy cake!

Me and Bubs just chillin at the lake!

Bry found this cool rock and climbed up to the top with Hunter. Me and May went up afterwards. It was a pretty view from the top!

Sorry about all the random pics!! I still need to figure out how to blog my pics! it's confusing to me!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bee's game with the Eggetts!

This is my favorite pic I got of Hunter during the night!! He loves playing the on grass! ohhhhhhh love this pic! Yeah gotta teach him to stay 5 feet back but its just so cute how he holds onto the fence!

The favorite part of the kids' night is going on the free little choo choo train with dad!!

Hanging out with Breanne and Madison!! Their favorite little friends!

Puppies for fun!!

Our cute neighbors showed us their 6 week old puppies last week. I think I mentioned it in my last blog! holy cow! They were so darling. ON saturday Bryan and his dad were working on the basement so the kids took Grandma Lynda over to Brooke and Ty's house again to show her the puppies! They are soooo stinking cute!

This little guy just sat up on Lynda's lap! He looked like a bunny because he was almost ALL white!

Mayley was in heaven with all the puppies surrounding her!

She loved holding and picking them up too!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Highlights of the week!

Highlights of the week!
Sunday: We went to see our good friend's the Caspers bless their baby in Murray. Fun times!! The kids had fun playing with Easton and the Doggies (penny and Maisy).

Tuesday: Me and Mayley got our haircuts!! Mayley was an angel!! 1st haircut ever where she didn't scream flinging her arms and trying to get out of the chair! PHEW!! Plus I only had to pay 5 bucks for her haircut!! I love the girl brooke who cuts my hair! I highly recommend her. Mayley sat on my lap so calmly and we had her look at the cape and she was wonderful!! She got a little bob!! So cute!

Thursday: We went to the park with our friends and got to go see 6 week old puppies and play with them at the neighbors house!! I wanted one soooo bad. They were a brittney/cockerspaniel mix!! DARLING! I wish I had my camera. Mayley would pick them up and carry them around. They were so small and their faces were sweet and cute!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two Buck Tuesdays!

This last week was a super slow week for me and kids. So I thought "Hey everyone will be back in school this week. Let's go down to thanksgiving point and get in for only two bucks at the dinosaur muesum." I was pretty much CRAZY for even going. There was a HUGE Line out the door and like A MILE long to get into the place. But I thought "What the heck I just drove an hour to get here just be patient!" I called Lynda to come with us for some extra help with the kids since Mayley and Hunter pretty much dominate me 2 to 1. So it's nice to have extra company to help me with the kids when going to a huge museum. Did I say how INSANE the line was. It wasn't bad but we waited about 45 minutes to get IN the doors. I love this museum!! It's fun to see all the amazing things inside!! Playing with some toy Dinosaurs.

They even have huge fossils of fish that lived in the ages of when dinosaurs were on the earth! how cool is that!??!

it's BRUCE from Nemo!! That's what Mayley and Hunter said when they saw the Shark!!

Playing in the sand and looking for bones and feeling exhausted from touring the museum with a million people around!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just for fun pictures of fun things!!

Every year we make it a tradition to go down to Alpine for Alpine days! The kids went slippin sliding and down a bounce house slippin slide and played in the water. Mayley had a blast!! Hunter was a little scared of the water slide but mayley took him one time before they put it away. she kept butting in line....Yeah like she knows there is a line. It was kinda funny!

It was SOOOO fun to go to the Alpine Days Parade Saturday morning because my whole family was there (well almost) Parker, Ali, and my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins were there from Vegas too because they were in town. My uncle always has some funny thing he does. This time he was wearing the Huge STAR glasses he got for a quarter at the senior center. The parade is the coolest ever. The kids got lots of candy, popsicles and fun toys!

A pic of me and my cute little mayley girl before church on sunday.

A cute pic of the kids going for a walk on sunday up by the little lake in tooele by Settlement Canyon.

Mayley and Hunter playing games at Hailey's birthday party! They loved it.

Hunter being super funny and putting his shorts on his head. He did it all by himself. There isn't a day that he doesn't make us laugh!