Sunday, August 31, 2008

I've been Tagged.

Four random things I love about my husband
1) He is the funniest guy ever. He makes me laugh a ton. He is good at making funny comebacks to everyone he knows.
2) He is the best dad ever. He sings and dances with Mayley, teaches Hunter how to go down the stairs, is willing to change their poopy diapers and gives them horsie rides. On the weekends he gets so excited to go in and wake the kids up first thing in the morning.
3) He cooks dinner for me when I'm tired and had a rough day.
4) He shaves his scrufy face every day...just so I can kiss it.

Four jobs I’ve had
1)Receptionist at my Uncle's Hair Salon. Most fun job I've ever had!
2)Catering at USU. Talk about yummy food.
3)Catering at Culinary Crafts for Mary Crafts. It was amazing.
4)Piano Teacher

Four movies I have watched more than once
1) Sandlot. It's my fav!!
2) Home Alone. My fam watches this movie every christmas eve. I even remember going and seeing it in the theaters. Me and bry quote it ALL THE TIME.
3) Little Rascals. It's a classic.
4) Finding Nemo. I've watched this movie more than all of the three movies combined with Mayley.

Four TV shows I watch

1) The Office. I can't wait for the season premiere to see what happens to Pam and Jim. My favorite dude is Kevin (the one that looks like the kool-aid guy!) I love this show!!
2) American Idol. Definently watch this show faithfully!
3) Backyardigans. Ya know? Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, & Austin. It's my kids favorite show ever!! Hunter can almost say Pablo.
4) Me and Bry like to watch Everybody loves Raymond or Seinfeld reruns!!

Four places I have been
1) Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2) Niagra Falls
3) Palmyra, New York
4) Ohau, Hawaii

Four of my favorite foods
1) Chicken Broccoli Casserole
2) Anything Mexican. Especially Cafe Rio Salads!
3) Queso and Chips from Chili's
4) Macaroni Grill food!!

Four places I would like to visit
1) Italy. I want to go get fat on all of their amazing food.
2) Mexico (the pretty Parts)
3) BRAZIL such as RIO to see Cristo Rendentor, and the falls of Igausu. (the pretty Parts)
4) Boston. I would love to go watch the red sox play at fenway park and see the GREEN MONSTER.

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year
1) having another baby.
2) checking into the looney bin if #1 is true.
3) seeing my kids open their presents on christmas day.
4) seeing progess in my piano students and having my first recital with them.

I tag these four people:
Rachel Eggett, Elise Wilding Frazier (sorry friend I had to think of your married name for a minute), Kim Peterson, & Rainy Berlin

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


When I was a little girl one of my favorite toys was the little lawn mower that shot out bubbles. I called it a "Mow Lawn." So, our neighbors that are moved out have toys sitting out in front of their house. The kids found the mow lawn to push around and it has become their favorite thing to play with. We have to take turns pushing it because they both want to play with it constantly. Last night Bry was kind enough to mow our neighbors lawn. It was soooooo long. It actually clogged up the mower for a minute. Mayley followed bryan around the whole lawn pretending like she was mowing their lawn as well. Super cute!!

"look it's LEK" the second!!!

LEK was my car that I got my senior year. a 2000 sweet maroon hyandai elantra. It was my favorite car in the whole world. It got the name LEK for its lisence plate initals! It got me back and forth to utah state plenty of times and I had good memories with that car! Well, this week we are excited to say we own another LEK!! Bry found a little 1999 hyandai elantra from a cute little couple in west jordan for a good price. So we bought it for him to travel back and forth to work. It's great!! It makes me miss my LEK. My roomies at USU and I would like to yell lots and say "LOOK ITS LEK!" So we are excited to have this new edition in our lives!! What a winner! We love it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mayley has the best memory

Mayley has made us laugh a lot latley with the things that we tell her. She remembers everything that we teach her too. We have a picture of her on an end table when she turned 3 months old. I told her that she was 3 months old in the picture and on sunday she went up to Bryan...She talks in 3rd person and said "Mayley 3 months old"

One time I told her how old Bryan and I were...26 years old. A couple days later we were at my parents house and she loves to go into my parents bathroom and get the bathroom scale. She comes out and tells my mom "26 pounds" the funny and ironic thing about it was she was 25.5 lbs.

We have been trying our best to be consistent with saying prayers with her at meal times and before going to bed. Even though she hasn't done very well responding to the idea of praying, she has just started the past couple of days. I was saying the prayer for FHE last night and she wanted to help me say it...I started by saying "We thank thee for this...." and she finished my sentence for me by saying "DAY." We were trying way hard not to laugh. Then the other night at dinner at the end of the prayer Bry said "in the name of Jesus Christ..." she says "Amen" before Bryan could say it.

She remembers when Hayley taught her how to swing on the swings on her tummy and last night while swinging on her tummy she says, "Hayley teach me."

Evey time she puts on her Strawberry flip flops she says, "Grandma Lynda".

Everytime she sees a big red wagon she says "papas house." My parents bought an awesome red wagon that they get to go for rides on when they go to Grandma and Papa Redding's house.

She remembers going to Hawaii and will say "Ocean" when we talk about it.

She says stuff I didn't even know she knew how to say. Or I will teach her once what something is and she will remember it. She loves to pretend to talk on the phone and likes to pretend to talk to Caden or Miles (brittany's boys).

She knows how to sing "The Rainbow Song" and "Twinkle Twinkle, little Star" Word for Word.
She Counts to 11 but she always seems to skip the #5...and she can sing the Alphabet but a little mumbled on some parts. I'm just proud of her and love mayley girl to pieces!!!! She is a fun girl to have.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Having fun at the Gateway.

My cute friend Rachel and her 3 little girls came with us to the gateway last thursday. We had a blast all day long while our hubbies were gone. Her little girl's name is Breanne. So when she talks to me she calls me by my full name "Brianne Call can mayley come with me to play?" It's great. Its quite confusing when we are together because I always think everyone is talking to me. She is a darling little girl though. I love going to discovery gateway. Definently one of the coolest places ever.

Hunter in a real helicopter. How fun that they let kids learn about what its like to be in a life flight helicopter. He thought it was pretty awesome from the look on his face!
Mayley tried to play twinkle twinkle little star thats her favorite song to sing right now. she loved playing these fun musical xylophone things.

Mayley and Breanne even dressed up like a frog and a fish! I was super proud of her. She never has done dress ups before. Yay for dress ups.
They have a fun magnetic board with tons of letters on it. Its like a huge fridge for adults! I spelled all of the kids names on the board for them! Mayley didn't want to get her picture taken but I had fun trying to find letters for their names.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"This is the Place" State Park with the Calls

We had a fun last friday. We got to go play with Grandma Lynda, Grandpa Call, Aunt Nancy and the cousins Abbie, Anna & Megan at "This is the Place" Park. I have never been there so it was a fun experience. It rained for awhile but the kids still had fun. It was fun to learn about all of Bryan's ancestors that are so prominent in the church. All of the women dress who volunteer or work there dress like pioneers.

Grandma Lynda had fun teaching the girls how to wash clothes pioneer style with the real hand made soap in the old tubs. Hunter had fun banging on the table with a antique iron they used.
They had free Horsie Rides. Mayley wasn't so sure of "Honey" the horse. I wanted her to like it but she was a little scared. I had to take a picture of her first horse riding experience though.
Mayley & Hunter did love chasing all of the sheep and goats around the large petting animal area. I think she is trying to feed one of them here.
Hunter loved feeling their skin and trying to pull it out too.

Also at the park they had a fun area where there were little houses and a train the kids could play on. Super fun for the kids.

Bry's ancestors are Anson Call and Mary Goble Pay. Anson Call was a friend of the prophet Joseph Smith and they made a monument of him up at the park. I thought that was cool. I love how the bubs is just sucking down his bottle.

Mary Goble Pay and her family has a little cabin that you go in and was actually theirs when they came to the Salt Lake Valley. She is the great grandmother of Bryan's Grandma and Sister Hickley's Great Grandma as well. How fun.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wedding Time.

My Baby Brother Parker got married last friday. I'm so proud of him and all that he has gone through to get to this point in his life. We happy for him and Alice. The temple sealing was amazing. The best one BAR NONE that I have honestly witnessed! I'm not just saying that because he is my brother. It was so good to be there and to be in the temple with my fam. Here are some pics at his reception that night. It was beautiful at Thanksgiving point.