Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm an Aggie again!!!

I am super excited to post this on here because ever since I started going to college I've always wanted to finish school. That didn't really happen after I decided to go on my mission, come home and get married super fast and have kids very fast too. I studied piano pedagogy for a year up at Utah State. It was very intense and it wasn't for me. I cried everyday because I had no social life and it was a lot of practicing like 3 and 4 hours of hard piano practicing stuck in a little tiny room. I decided that I wanted to go into the Elementary Ed program. I loved it. Every class that I took was totally fun and I enjoyed what I was doing. I went to BYU-Idaho after me and bry got married and I loved all of the classes I took up there and it prepared me to where I am today. The ElED Program at USU is very competitive so you have to go through an interview process to be accepted into their program. I had already tried once to get into the program but wasn't accepted. The Lord guided me to serve a mission which was the best for me at that time. So one reason we moved to Tooele was for the extension they have out here so I could finish school. I had to go to Logan a couple weeks ago for my interview. Bry gave me a blessing the night before and I felt so much more at peace the next day. My mom went up with me and watched the kids and took them to the little zoo they have there. They had a blast. I had an amazing group interview and lots of cool ladies that I was able to be surrounded by. I felt like I did my best when I got done with it all. My mom took me to "BLUEBIRD" for lunch. It's the best food in Logan!

Well, I recieved a packet in the mail a couple days ago and I was accepted into the program. What a cool feeling. I think its going to be rewarding but very hard at the same time. I hope I can be a mom and go to school next month. It is definently going to be challenging but I've got AGGIE SPIRIT!! "Utah State, Hey! Aggies All the Way! Go AGGIES Go AGGIES HEY HEY HEY!!"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kiddie Kandids

I couldn't resist! I think my kids are pretty darn cute. I got them matchy outifts for the 4th of July because its just a good patriotic month. I took them to Kiddie Kandids on Monday and they did an amazing job and the kids were so happy. Mayley was so excited to sit on the red bench and wanted to keep getting her pic taken. Kiddie Kandids is doing a contest where you can go on their website and vote for the cutest kid contest and you can vote for my kids. If we get the most votes we get a trip to Disneyland. Fun huh!?!? Hunters free bday picture. He loved banging the little blocks on the big ones!

I love this Cheeser smile! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Hunter turned 1 on Sunday July 20th. It's amazing how fast he has grown up. He is the cutest kid and I love my baby boy to death. I knew that he was going to have to make 2 cakes because he would demolish the first one. We were super grateful for all of our family that came out to celebrate with us. Grandma Lynda & Grandpa Call and all of Bry's siblings were here with us. My parents came too. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, and I tried to make a baseball hat cake but I won't even show you the pictures since my mom though it was a ladybug. Yikes. That's ok it still tasted good though. In primary the other day our primary chorister had brought a little basketball hoop to play with the kids. Hunter would grab the ball and walk towards the hoop with the ball high above his head like he wanted to make a basket. I totally knew that is what we were getting him for his bday! The kids both love to play with it now. Here are some pics of his fun bday!

We always get a balloon for their bday!!
This is a beautiful cake that I got for free at Alberstons. Awesome for having a first bday huh!?!?
We sang to him fast because the wind was blowing and it kept blowing out his candle. We took him out into the backyard and let him dive in for some yummy cake!
His first attempt with the cake.
Now I really got my hands in this stuff!Now I love eating all of it!Look mom and dad I ate the whole thing!!I'm still eating it. WHOA BUDDY! I think i'm going to have a tummy ache.
right after he devoured the whole thing! We are so proud of him. Grandma and Papa Redding making him laugh and tickling him at the same time.

Hunter is super lucky to have such awesome call family members.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Memory Lane

Ok So my cute friend had this fun idea to do so this it how it works:

1) When you read our blog, post a comment of a memory that you have had with me or Bryan. If you know us a lot or a little just comment something fun.

2) Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A good laugh is sunshine in the house

After camping and getting no sleep Hunter kept us laughing. This is the best laugh ever. What a fun baby he is! Mayley did a good job making him laugh too.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Fun!

We had a BLAST on the 4th of July! (no pun intended). We went to the Tooele Parade in the morning. We then went up to Salt Lake and out to the Classic Skating and Waterslides right off of 90th south and 3rd West. I had never been there before but it was a ton of fun. There is a fun kiddie pool and slides. The big slides are a lot of fun because you get a pad to go down with you that makes it 10 times as fast. Its quite the rush! It was super fun! After we went swimming we went inside. There are a bunch of bounce houses and slides. Mayley loved it. Later that night we went to another parade out in Sandy with my parents. It was super entertaining and Chick-fil-a gave away free chicken nuggets! They had so many bags left over we got a whole bunch. That was the best part! We watched the lamest fireworks ever out at the Deseret Peak Complex in Tooele later that night. Mayley was totally afraid of the fireworks and the loud noises that they made. I made a big bowl of popcorn to take with us. I thought that would be a fun tradition to eat popcorn and watch the fireworks from now on. She loved the popcorn! Me and Hunter just chilled on a blanket for a good 10 minutes and then the show was over. I guess we learned our lesson never to go there again. We are going to try for Idaho Falls fireworks again maybe next year. That's the best show ever!

It's Runge Time!

This is a funny little story! One night we were watching Fox 13 News. Mayley ran over to the TV as Mike Runge the sports caster came on to do the sports and said "PROPHET" We were laughing so hard. What a funny little girl. I think it was still when Pres. Hinckley was alive but then a couple weeks ago Bry sent me this little ditty and said "Hey the prophet really was on Runge Time". Now that's awesome! The best part is the old guy in the background that laughs super funny! We listen to it over and over because its so dang funny!