Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Puppies for fun!!

Our cute neighbors showed us their 6 week old puppies last week. I think I mentioned it in my last blog! holy cow! They were so darling. ON saturday Bryan and his dad were working on the basement so the kids took Grandma Lynda over to Brooke and Ty's house again to show her the puppies! They are soooo stinking cute!

This little guy just sat up on Lynda's lap! He looked like a bunny because he was almost ALL white!

Mayley was in heaven with all the puppies surrounding her!

She loved holding and picking them up too!!


stephanie said...

Mayley is getting so big! I can't believe it!

Jake and Kate said...

Does this mean you're getting a dog?! Cute kiddies!

newsinaminute said...

that was a fun day--I will always remember it--

The Walker clan said...

I love puppies! To bad they don't stay in the puppy stage. Puppies and children...what fun innocense!