Monday, August 24, 2009

Just for fun pictures of fun things!!

Every year we make it a tradition to go down to Alpine for Alpine days! The kids went slippin sliding and down a bounce house slippin slide and played in the water. Mayley had a blast!! Hunter was a little scared of the water slide but mayley took him one time before they put it away. she kept butting in line....Yeah like she knows there is a line. It was kinda funny!

It was SOOOO fun to go to the Alpine Days Parade Saturday morning because my whole family was there (well almost) Parker, Ali, and my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins were there from Vegas too because they were in town. My uncle always has some funny thing he does. This time he was wearing the Huge STAR glasses he got for a quarter at the senior center. The parade is the coolest ever. The kids got lots of candy, popsicles and fun toys!

A pic of me and my cute little mayley girl before church on sunday.

A cute pic of the kids going for a walk on sunday up by the little lake in tooele by Settlement Canyon.

Mayley and Hunter playing games at Hailey's birthday party! They loved it.

Hunter being super funny and putting his shorts on his head. He did it all by himself. There isn't a day that he doesn't make us laugh!


newsinaminute said...

I love just for 'fun' pictures cute post--my favorite is the Sunday walk--way way cute--