Friday, September 4, 2009

Highlights of the week!

Highlights of the week!
Sunday: We went to see our good friend's the Caspers bless their baby in Murray. Fun times!! The kids had fun playing with Easton and the Doggies (penny and Maisy).

Tuesday: Me and Mayley got our haircuts!! Mayley was an angel!! 1st haircut ever where she didn't scream flinging her arms and trying to get out of the chair! PHEW!! Plus I only had to pay 5 bucks for her haircut!! I love the girl brooke who cuts my hair! I highly recommend her. Mayley sat on my lap so calmly and we had her look at the cape and she was wonderful!! She got a little bob!! So cute!

Thursday: We went to the park with our friends and got to go see 6 week old puppies and play with them at the neighbors house!! I wanted one soooo bad. They were a brittney/cockerspaniel mix!! DARLING! I wish I had my camera. Mayley would pick them up and carry them around. They were so small and their faces were sweet and cute!!


Michael and Natalia said...

What about some pictures of your new haircuts? Brooke may get a whole bunch of new clients through your blog :) Is she in Tooele?

we miss you, guys... but life is good!

The Walker clan said...

just remember the dogs grow up! Cute though! yea were are the pictures of your haircuts?