Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two Buck Tuesdays!

This last week was a super slow week for me and kids. So I thought "Hey everyone will be back in school this week. Let's go down to thanksgiving point and get in for only two bucks at the dinosaur muesum." I was pretty much CRAZY for even going. There was a HUGE Line out the door and like A MILE long to get into the place. But I thought "What the heck I just drove an hour to get here just be patient!" I called Lynda to come with us for some extra help with the kids since Mayley and Hunter pretty much dominate me 2 to 1. So it's nice to have extra company to help me with the kids when going to a huge museum. Did I say how INSANE the line was. It wasn't bad but we waited about 45 minutes to get IN the doors. I love this museum!! It's fun to see all the amazing things inside!! Playing with some toy Dinosaurs.

They even have huge fossils of fish that lived in the ages of when dinosaurs were on the earth! how cool is that!??!

it's BRUCE from Nemo!! That's what Mayley and Hunter said when they saw the Shark!!

Playing in the sand and looking for bones and feeling exhausted from touring the museum with a million people around!!!


newsinaminute said...

I had a ball --thanks for letting me join in the fun

The Walker clan said...

What a fun memorie though! Hey there...hope you don't mind me looking at your blog :) We miss you! Feel free to poke around mine anytime :)

Michael and Natalia said...

Brianne, you are my hero!! Your kids have the best Mom. I'm glad your long wait paid off and you had so much fun.

Steph H said...

What a fun mom you are! I've never been there but it sure looks fun!