Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bee's game with the Eggetts!

This is my favorite pic I got of Hunter during the night!! He loves playing the on grass! ohhhhhhh love this pic! Yeah gotta teach him to stay 5 feet back but its just so cute how he holds onto the fence!

The favorite part of the kids' night is going on the free little choo choo train with dad!!

Hanging out with Breanne and Madison!! Their favorite little friends!


Nancy K said...

Looks like a blast!
And laughing at him holding the stand back 5 ft. sign! Cute cute!

Jake and Kate said...

Your hair's way cute! You are always doing such fun things with your kids, I love it! I need be more ambitious and do more stuff. You rock, Brito!

newsinaminute said...

so glad that you went to the game
wish we couldn't accepted the invitation to come too--we'll take a rain check for next year..
you always look cute--all of you--I especially love how mayley has a her little sun dress--ever the girly girl --we love--