Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hiking with the Fam!

Labor Day we got to go on a super pretty hike with the Call Fam. We went up to Albion Basin up by Alta Ski resort and went on a mile hike up to Secret Lake. We were waiting for the shuttle to come and take us to the trailhead cause there were lots of people waiting to hike up there. I ran into some dude from Murray that had a Lacrosse shirt on. of course he was a lot younger than us but it was fun to make conversation while he was waiting. I feel old when people say that they graduated like 2 or 3 years ago. WHOA! When we got to the top it was a pretty lake!! We actually took mayley here when she was only a couple months old!! I wish I could show the pic of me and her sitting on a little rock. She was so little and so cute! holy cow how time flys!!

One of the funniest things while we were up there playing at the lake was Bry's mom busted out this yummy chocolate cake. She wanted to make sure and celebrate and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY outloud to bry just in case we wouldn't be together during his birthday. Hunter is already digging in OF COURSE! It was a super yummy cake!

Me and Bubs just chillin at the lake!

Bry found this cool rock and climbed up to the top with Hunter. Me and May went up afterwards. It was a pretty view from the top!

Sorry about all the random pics!! I still need to figure out how to blog my pics! it's confusing to me!


Andrea said...

That looks like a beautiful place. I'm glad you had fun.

Jessica said...

Time definitely flies! What a fun way to spend the day!

Nancy K said...

Good times. Lately my girls have been calling Hunter Bubba and it makes me laugh!

newsinaminute said...

the kids were trooers on that hike
when we went hiking today--we were talking about--how we were surprised at the incline--of it-but fun times being together- and great pixs --loved the ones especially of the people on the big rocks--what is it about rocks?
I just love them for kodak moments