Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beautiful Fun!

We went to Zions National Park and did a bunch of fun things this weekend. Bry got work off to go and do some fun things. My mom joined in for the fun! We loved it. It was nice to get away and enjoy the scenary! Bry takes some awesome pics! This is when we went to Zions on our long hike to these mini waterfalls called Emerald Falls. There were about 3 or 4 of them.

We went to this beautiful canyons called KOLOB canyons! They are amazing! Mayley was so excited to finally get out of the car. It was super cold!! We didn't dare take Hunter out cause we hurried and pulled off onto the side of the road and took this awesome pic behind us.

On our way to the waterfalls we stopped off and saw these cool mountains behind us that were named after a baptist minister. The mountains are called "Abraham, Issac and Jacob"

We had this lady take the pic of us on our hike but you can't tell but there is a HUGE mountain behind us that is VERY tall behind us.

Hunter was so serious sitting in this rock!! He wouldn't smile for the life of him! He was just chillin. What a cool rock!
Me and Mayley getting all muddy and looking at the beautiful waterfalls. It was raining that day a little bit so it was really wet and we got mud EVERYWHERE!
I will have to add more later! Talk about a lot of fun!! It was beautiful sight seeing!


Miles Family said...

YOU ARE IN TROUBLE....Kolob is right by Cedar. You should have stopped by!!! Glad you had fun enjoying all of our beauty in Southern Utah!

newsinaminute said...

the pictures -show at least in part what a terrific time you had
yeah for fun times--glad you shared
so glad you made it there, had fun and returned home --safe and sound.

Steph Hock said...

Looks like sucha fun trip! And I'm impressed you have pictures posted already! We drove down south for Memorial Day too, so maybe we passed you :) Your family is so beautiful. You really have cute kids.

Jake&Kate said...

That pic of Mayley looks like a little Brito! So cute! It was kinda funny cuz I just BARELY posted our pics from Zions and then I get on your blog and see we went on the same hike. Sweet dude! It's pretty up there, huh! Did both your parents go? How fun!