Monday, September 8, 2008

A fun place I found

I was super excited when I had a lady in my ward tell me about a learning Center in Tooele that I can take my kids to. Its like a little preschool for Mayley for free!! I have looking for something fun for my kids to do for awhile now. Tooele just doesn't have much to do out here and after doing the same things like going to the park, going to McDonalds or doing play groups gets redunant but I'm grateful I do have those things to do than nothing. The learning center is for kids 0-5. I can even take Hunter and stay there with her. Tomorrow we are going to go and learn the letter "O" and bring a show-and-tell item that starts with that letter. Sounds fun!! Mayley is super smart and I think she needs something like this to get her mind moving. She is definently a social bug like her mom. It will be exciting for her to interact with other kids around her by learning. I'm so grateful I found this place and we will see how it goes!! Wahoo for learning for free!!


Jake&Kate said...

That's sounds awesome! And for free? Even better! Way cool!

The Girls' Mom said...

I'm glad you found that. Two of my friends work there, they are neat ladies. it is a fun place.