Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayley is Funny

Around here we watch a lot of "Coos Coos" aka Blue's Clues, "Mowgi" aka Jungle Book, Nemo, Little Einsteins & sometimes we watch the Backyardigans (I actually get a kick out of those little guys dancing and singing. They are so cute and funny!) Mayley has been quite the funny girl lately. She is like a little parrot and copies everything that anyone says. The other night we were all tired so we were watching "Little Einsteins" with her and during the show they teach the kids about a piece of real art work and a little piece of classical music and at the end they say "Art by: so and so and music by: so and so." Right after they said "Art by:" We hear Mayley excitingly say "Art by". We could not stop laughing.


christianna said...

what a cute little girl. must be so much fun to have her. :)

Miles Family said...

Cute story!!! Mayley is at such a fun age. I am glad you are LOVING every minute of it.