Monday, February 25, 2008


We are at again...without a camera! Well, kind of! Mayley found my camera because likes to take pictures and dropped on the kitchen floor and broke the lens! If any of you that know me really well know that I have the WORST luck with cameras. I had 2 on my mission. probably 5 before that and now that I have been married if we do have to get a new one it would be my 3rd. But we are hoping they can fix the one that mayley just broke! AHHH!! My mom is letting us borrow her old one that she had forever so we will see if I can get some pics on the computer. So I'm glad I could get the oldie from my mom. Craziness!!!


Mimi's Blog said...

Hi Bri,
Glad you found my blog. I am enjoying reading about your cute family. Your children are precious. I decided last year to create a blog more as a journal than anything else. That's why there are very few pictures and I have restricted access to friends and family. If you get this way, stop in a visit! Christine