Friday, February 1, 2008

1st time ever!!

YAY FOR MAYLEY!! Today was a small stepping stone for her and for us as her parent. So after she got out of the tub taking her bath she ran around for a little while naked. It is quite the task to put a diaper on that girl. We have been working with her to understand the concept of going potty. So she all of sudden runs to the potty and sits down. I told her to go pee pee in the potty and....she started going!! I was sooooooo proud of her. It was so fun to see her learning something that seems so difficult as a parent. Obviously this is going to take awhile but I was happy to see her going for the 1st time. Being a parent is so fun when you get to watch your kids do something for the 1st time. YAY! I love my mayley girl.


stephanie said...

Congrats! That's a huge step ... and one that I'm sure you're ready for. ;) I hope she keeps it up!

Alisha said...

Keep working it at and keep up the praise! It is really awesome to watch them grow up and even more awesome when you don't have two sets of diapers to change!

The Prices said...

Yay for potties! Er, uh, Yay for Mayley going in the potty. That sounds a little better. :) Wahoo!!