Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I wanted to show you all the fun card I made for Bry for valentines day. Thanks to my friend leslie's fun digital scrapbooking site: I was able to make this for him. I definently am not perfect at this scrapbooking thing yet but I'm trying. This picture fit the was right before I left on my mission. I love this pic of us :) I love this holiday a lot more now that I am married. I love you Bry :)


newsinaminute said...

very cute card --I think you are fabulous at card and being creative
happy valentine you guys have lots of snow! enjoy it. take mayley out in her snow suit to play in it (:

christianna said...

ha! i looked at that picture, and i was like, "i think i've seen that before". and then i read that it was right before you went on your mission: i'm sure i *have* seen it. :)

you're cute.

this is a cute card.

Jake&Kate said...

Way cute card, I bet Bry loved it!