Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This lady does a blog that works for the Salt Lake Tribune and she tells about all the free stuff that you can get around Utah. It's so awesome. She has little giveaways too. I thought this would be fun to share with all of you that have kid. They are doing fun easter Carnival at Wheeler Farm on Saturday for only 2 bucks and it sounds super awesome. Anyone want to join in and come with us to play?!?! I always like to hang out with friends. On tax day she found all these places that are giving away free food and icecream! April 15th. I will probably be taking advantage of that for sure!! FREE FOOD who doesn't want FREE FOOD??!? I found this site through KSL actually. kind of ironic! Hope you get some good stuff out of this fun blog!


The Girls' Mom said...

COOL link Brianne thanks for sharing! Free stuff is always great!

Liz said...

What a neat place thanks for sharing it.