Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Memory Lane

Ok So my cute friend had this fun idea to do so this it how it works:

1) When you read our blog, post a comment of a memory that you have had with me or Bryan. If you know us a lot or a little just comment something fun.

2) Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.


newsinaminute said...

Hi Brianne
I have so many many pleasant memories of you & Bryan (you'd hope I'd have tons of memories of Bry being his mom and all)
...so I'll pick one for each of you
to post:
Brianne_ I remember you coming to our home and taking care of Bryan after he was in his car accident-
you were so tender and caring and attentive--and spent long hours seeing to his every need and I was so impressed with your compassion
a great gift I have seen displayed in you many times since that memory
Bryan: I remember you making your brothers and sisters laugh a lot. I remember you initiating activities for them and getting all the kids to play a game of Pig out on the basketball court. that carried on into your adult life getting roommates to jump off bridges, and then into your married life --taking your family on outings. and me and dad places like the lake with our canoe-
-I cherish those memories of both of you--lets keep making more or 'em as the years go along
love ya--

Jason & Holly said...

You had some good memories for me. I'm not so good at that! But, I remember when I read on the list that you made cheer and I was so excited. I needed you on that squad to keep me sane! I remember our retarded hands when we talked and how much you were like me (meaning you were willing to be spastic with me and make me laugh ALL the time). I remember going to your house back in the day and how nice your mom was to me. She's always been so nice! I remember going to your farewell party and you just getting back from the temple with Bryan. I was like what???? I had no clue you were so serious and then I wondered why you wouldn't just stay home and get married since you two seemed to be totally in love! Then I remember when your baby was born and we went to your house again and I thought my baby was a chunky monkey compared to little Mayley! Anyway, I don't have many specific memories, just that I had so much fun everytime I was with you and how I always told everyone how much I loved that Brianne Redding!!!

Brianne said...

if anyone reads the 1st comment about bryan getting his roommates to jump off bridges. It meant that he was being adventurous and going bridge jumping up in Rexburg into the river. It was always the highlight of Bry's life during the summer time with his buddies.

Marcie said...

Mookie--- my favorite memory of you (although there are so many!!) is one word...


bahahahahaha we had so much fun didn't we???

jeffandlorraine said...

Oh Brito! Almost every memory I have of you involves laughing our heads off!!! I remember in Logan playing that game where we hit each other with socks stuffed with more socks. Remember "The Bowl"..."You don't know me"...what ever happened to that poster we hung in the hallway?!!! Also, I remember one of my first days on campus at Utah State, you kind of showed me around and you knew almost EVERYBODY we passed! You are always so nice and so genuine to everyone you meet. I totally look up to you! Those are just a few cherished memories I have of you.

Yatesfam said...

Wow! There are so many. Mostly just the times us girlies would have GNO's together. I always was so glad to be friends with such great girls.

Precious & Flyboy said...

Gosh! Remember when you helped me through ALL of the crushed I had in High School? Probably not, because they were so many! I remember when we were done initiating the next years cheerleaders and we were so loud in your parents' house very early in the morning. I have too many cheer memoried to count, but my favorite was seeing your Mayley for the first time and I was pregnant, and you were just glowing from being a mommy that I went home feeling that glow for a long time and counted down the days until I could have that same feeling. Love ya, Bri!