Monday, March 3, 2008

Bryan is Superman!

I just feel like writing and sharing how wonderful of a hubby I have. He is superman to me. Friday night he had a Ward basketball game and those of you who know Bryan, he's super good at playing basketball. It was a late game so I stayed home and got the kids ready for bed while he was gone. They are in the playoffs right now so if our ward looses then they are out of the tournament (so to speak). So when he came home that night all sweaty and excited this is what he had to tell me:
"Honey, I think you are my good luck charm when you stay home and don't see me play."
I'm thinking..."WHAT?"
then he proceeds to tell me "We just won the game and I saved our team from loosing."
He was sooooo excited to tell me the play by play and how the other team was about to make a basket with only 3 seconds left in the game to win it and bryan knocked it out of the guys hands to make him miss the shot. He was absolutley stoked because the first time they played the same team they lost to them by only 2 points. Bry was super determined he was going to beat them and HE DID IT! After he explained it to me I was excited for him and had completley forgotten what he had said when he first walked through the door. I was very impressed with what a determined guy he is.

Then the next morning: Saturday morning Hunter woke us up at 7:00 and Bry let me sleep in! So he decided to take Hunter over to Wal-mart with him to buy paint so he could paint our bathroom a nice white color. He worked so hard on the bathroom all day long. I'm not good at painting so I let him do his thing while I watched the kids. He made it look way nice.

I'm just proud of him for all he does for our family and the fun things he accomplishes in his life to make him and us happy as well! What a MAN! :)

Another reason being that he got to be a drummer in Hawaii at the Polynesian Cultural Center and made everyone laugh. He's good and always making everyone laugh. I stole this off Brad and Kerri's blog since they were the ones that recorded it for us. So there is Kerri's family at the end of the video..just so you aren't confused with what is going on. Thanks for letting me put this on here guys.


Julie said...

That is an awesome video Mookie! I love it! Isn't it great to have a wonderful husband?

newsinaminute said...

if a person can pick a wonderful husband it takes care of so many other choices. fun to hear the play by play of the game. (:

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Glad you guys are married!