Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rusty The Horse!

I am a slow blogger I have decided!! Last Thursday Bry was up in the Uintahs with the Preists camping. so Me, Mayley, and Hunter got to go play with their cousins Abbie, Anna, and Megan and ride horses. Bryan's older cousin is horse trainer and let us go up to where keeps her horses up in Sandy. Mayley has her shy moments and didn't care to ride the horse. But She did get the courage up to pull Rusty the pony around. Mayley and Hunter had fun playing the in the sandbox and looking at all the horses though. I'm glad for the fun times my kids can experience. Maybe in the near future they will have the desire to say "GIDDY UP" and ride a real pony or horse!! Megan, Hunter, and, Mayley sitting on some HAY while looking at the horses in their stables!


christianna said...

your kids are too cute! it's great to see pictures.
hope you're doing well! :)