Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Apostle Song

I went to the distribution center the other day and we bought a picture of the 1st presidency and the 12 apostles. We keep them on our fridge and we have been learning all of the names and faces of our church leaders!! This is such a fun video and mayley has been learning all of them super quickly! She loves this! She watches it over and over!


newsinaminute said...

I thought that clip was darling!
once Nancy had a class called -modern day prophets, it was during the summer of her college years so she was at home and she would come back from class and tell us wonderful things about the brethern
I remember she said that they called Elder Perry the happy giant sometimes, so tall so positive-loveed that clip and the info...*(:

Linds said...

we've memorized that song too! And we did it with my younger siblings and they loved it! We kept singing the song and then we'd quiz them by giving them the clues and seeing if they could say the apostles name. It was really cool, and actually it made General Conference more interesting for them too which I think is really cool. The only sad thing is the song can't be the same because Elder Worthlin passed away and now they'll be calling someone new.

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

We've been coming to your blog to watch this over and over! It will make conference fun!