Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Lord Hears our Prayers

This is one of those Pictures where you just look at it and go "OHHHHHH" and sigh!! My mom sent this to me awhile ago and I kept it on my computer. Just a quick experience to let you know why I know the Lord knows us in many ways....1st this week I had this experience; I teach piano right now to some kids in Tooele and found out that there little cousin that was 13 years old died the other day. I asked the mom what happened to him and she said he was a playing a game called "affliation" or something like that, I guess this is something that teeenagers are really into doing. So they put a rope around their necks and try to make themselves pass out. Well, he was home alone sick the other day while both of his parents were working and he made himself pass out. At the same time he fell over and choked himself to death. What an awful way to die. Pure accident. I just thought I would let all of you know if you know of this game or have heard of it let people know that it can kill teenagers. I was so sad to hear that this little boy that I don't even know died. I felt the Holy Ghost a lot the day I heard of this little boy dying. I know the Lord knows us and loves us so much. I know that we need to be good parents and watch over and take care of our children as well. I was watching Oprah yesterday because all of the Osmand's were on the show making a tribute to their father that just passed away. I once said HI to Donnie Osmand and my mom is super obsessed with him :) Ask her sometime about the picture she has of him. So while I was Watching the show I felt the spirit and knew that our Families are eternal and that the Lord is aware of each one of us and all that we do. That is why I love this picture so much because I can just see Heavenly Father looking and smiling down at this little boy praying earnestly with his pup! :)


newsinaminute said...

I do believe the Lord answers our prayers. At this Thanksgiving time I am most grateful that he does.