Sunday, November 4, 2007

Little Ladybug and Mr. Chicken

Mayley was a ladybug for Halloween. We went trick or treating three times that day! We went to Bryan's work, Grandpa Redding's Work and Grandma took her trick or treating to all of the office complexes and then we went to our truck or treat at our church. This was a new experience for Mayley. She would get one piece of candy and set the other one down she had in her hand. It was a funny little system she had. It was so fun have her a little bit bigger to take her out this time. She is our pride and joy. Along with her baby brother Hunter!

Our pumpkin carving experience well lets just say that Bryan and I have no artistic ability in us. Bry made a pretty good pirate face....mayley had fun helping Bryan with his drill and hunter learned how to use a knife!


newsinaminute said...

even though you don't deem yourself as artist its still a pretty fun tradition I think
as the years go along I bet pumpkin carving may be a long lasting tradition at your house
I love that Bryan used the drill. I noticed lots of blogs of young families involved --pumpking carving. so yeah for FHE & pumkin carving