Saturday, July 18, 2009

A real tooth puller!

Thursday afternoon my back molar started bothering me really bad. I had cankers in the back of my mouth too which made it worse. I have always had this molar in the back of my mouth that never grew in all the way. When I had braces back in jr. high my orthodontist tried to pull it up with a special chain but it never decided to come up. The past couple of months my dentist has been encouraging me to go get it taken out but I never worried about trying to take it out because it has never bothered me.

I was in so much pain thursday afternoon that I called my dentist and he said the only thing to do was call an oral surgeon to get it out. So I called, Dr. Christensen, who took out my wisdom teeth also. The receptionist was so worried about me she said come in tomorrow at noon and we will take out your tooth!! I couldn't believe it!! After all of these years I was getting that dumb tooth OUT!

My mom came and stayed with me the whole time and Bry took care of the kids for me. We waited forEVER to finally to see the Dr. We read lots of fun magazines together. When it was my time to go back they hooked me up to machines and numbed me and so that a needle could go inside me and put anetestics in me. The last thing I remember the Dr. saying to me is that I was going to fall alseep really fast. I woke up on a bed in the middle of a hallway with my mom talking to me and a nurse making sure everything was ok. On the way home I slept but I kept trying to talk to Bry. I asked him if I could get a pizza for dinner!! HAHA! Those anetestics sure to wacky things to ya.

Talk about a lot pain though. It was like getting another wisdom tooth out. CRAZY! I'm glad its out and I'm slowly but surely recuperating.

Bryan is the best hubby and dad I could ever ask for. He is sure an amazing man who is taking good care of me and the kids. I love him so much!! I sure am a lucky woman!


Nancy K said...

OUCH!!! Just the thought makes my mouth hurt! Glad it is all taken care of!

Christy said...

yikes! i do not envy you. your story reminded me of when i got my wisdom teeth out. no fun!