Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hunter got a new crib today!! yes we have 2 cribs in our house now. Sounds kinda funny huh? When you have 2 babies it had to happen for us. Hunter only sleeps good when he is sleeping with us or in Mayley's crib so we had to do something about our sleeping situation. Mayley is going to be in her crib for awhile so today was our lucky day. If any of you want good furniture deals RC WILLEY does have awesome deals. Maybe its just because Bryan works there too but on the 3rd floor at the RC Willey in Salt Lake there is a room full of just discounted furniture. He found a crib that has never been used but was a floor model for only 50 bucks. It's not the fanciest one but its still nice!! We hope this solves the endless sleepless nights that I and Bryan have had the past couple of months. I will have to post a picture on here and show all of you!! I know this is a huge blessing in our life and I'm grateful for blessings :)


newsinaminute said...

love a great glad that you got one! yeah!!!! now he can stretch out he's getting so grown up and as ever so cute