Thursday, September 6, 2007

I've been tagged!!

Here are some things that maybe you didn't know about me!!

Movies I can watch over & over:

I'm a kid at heart so i love watching (1st two movies at least):

1)Sandlot-My favorite scene is "THE CAMPOUT" "Yeah it is...he got eaten"

2) Little Rascals "Come see the 4 foot MAN EATING CHICKEN"....."Well at least people are riding the rides!"

3)Italian Job: it's a good one! "I HAD a bad experience"

4)Napolean Dynamite: it's sooo random. Napolean: "This is like the dumbest movie ever made" Kip: "Like anyone could ever know that.." Uncle Rico "You know what Napolean? YOU CAN LEAVE!"

Pedro: "I think we should bring some Holy Santos to our school...Santo Nino deAtocha is a good Aunt Concha has seen him!"

"Heck Yes!!"

Books I can read over & over:

1) I am more of a person that likes to read magazines like Food Magazines, The Ensign & The friend. :)

Places I would like to visit:

1) I would love to visit Italy and everywhere in Europe!

2) I want to go back to Brazil and see Falls de Iguasu and the Cristo Redentor in Rio!

3) I want Bry to take me to Mexico! I have never been and I love mexicans! :)

4) New York City to see Broadway Shows!

5) Lake Powell...I know its sad..I've never been!

Places I have visited!

1) Glenrock, Wyoming...I bet no one has heard of this little town. It is where my Mom grew up as a kid. It is in between Casper and Douglas. My grandparents still live there!

2) The 4 Corners. You can be in 4 different states Utah, Arizona, Colorado, & New Mexico at the same time. It is funny because it is also one of those places that is in the middle of nowhere!!

3) Sao Paulo Brazil!!! Yay for being a missionary! Brazil is amazing...its one place that everyone should visit sometime in their life. Brazilians are awesome people and there is lots to see. Except for the fact that it stinks really bad. You get used to it after awhile!

4) The Sacred Grove. This is honestly of the most amazing places I have never visited. You truly feel and know that Joseph Smith is a prophet!!

Foods I like:

1) Chicken Cordon Bleu. I love the flavor of chicken, ham and cheese all in one!! Good Stuff.

2) Chili's Chips and Queso! The best stuff ever! I could down it all by myself!

3) Chicken soaked in Sprite and Soy Sauce and grilled!! Yummers!

4) I just love all kinds of Mexican Food. It's my fav.

I'd rather be:

1) Playing the Piano...the funny thing is..I have a piano in my house I just never get a chance to play it!

2) Going on a road trip with Bry without kids for right DisneyLand!

3) Eating yummy cinnamon bread with honey butter at this little bakery at USU!! Logan has a special place in my heart.

4) on a beach!

TV Shows I watch:

1) American Idol...I have to wait a little while before it comes back on. We love to watch the weirdo people that try out that think that they are actually going to make it!

2) Everybody Loves Raymond. Absolute COMEDY! I laugh my guts out!

3) Simpsons. Only because Bry is always watching it. It is pretty funny.

4) Sometimes we watch "The Office" It's a pretty funny show. Dwight is the funniest!

5) You are going to think I'm weird but I love to watch "The Food Network" I get tons of ideas on how to cook. I love cooking ( on good days) :)

Websites I Visit:

1) My email! I love getting email. It's so fun. My address is:

2) It is to see how all of my Oakcrest friends are doing. It's so uplifting because we had so many great memories together in summer 2001.

3) Ebay! I like to sell stuff on there!

4) I love to get recipes off this website for a quick dinner idea! It's the best! You can sign up and get free magazines from this website too!

5) I like to read talks and different things to get spiritually uplifted.

6) My friends Blogs! I love to see what your cute families are up to!

7) YouTube!! I love watching funny videos on there!

I am tagging these people:

Steph Brown

Steph Rollins

Nancy Kirk

It's fun to see what you will put!!


Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Fun to get to know you better! Glad we are sisters!
So, I am being slow at doing mine, but I will get on the ball this week! Thought I would just check in to say that I know you tagged me and soon I'll do it.