Saturday, September 1, 2007

Gooooooo COUGARS!!

It is now officially BYU Football season in our house. If anyone knows Bryan, he is a big fan. Our saturdays are now filled with excitement of watching the games!!! I don't know how excited I can say I am but I can say its my third season of being an avid byu watcher now that I have been married to Bryan. Bry can tell you everything about BYU football. He can always tell ya what play the team is going to make next. He should be the next Levell Edwards or Bronco Mendenhall. I am still trying to figure out what a Linebacker or the wide reicver does...but I do know what a touchdown is!! If any of you are wondering what we are doing on saturday's we will be watching the games for the next 12 weeks! Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!!


Melissa Ash said...

I love it, Mookie! I feel the same way! Matthew is an avid sports watcher (not as avid as his dad, but you know!)! I love Football Season! It's on all the time here! It doesn't end there. It then goes in to basketball season, then we watch golf, and all that other good stuff. What being married does to you!!

newsinaminute said...

glad that Bryan still loves sports
he always loved them as a kid too
now Hunter will have a buddy to watch with. It makes life fun
mom Call