Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our fun day at Benson Grist Mill

We went to the Benson Grist Mill out by Stansbury park on friday with some friends that live in my ward. It was awesome cause it was free to get in and there were tons of fun things to do! It reminds me a lot of Gardner Village in Salt Lake. We went on Hay Ride, Mayley jumped in a bounce house for the first time. She was scared to pet the horse while he was eating his HAY! She went through a hay maze, and caught a piece of candy when they shot it off through a big cannon! Mayley is Ms. Curious and kept getting away from me but it was overall super fun going and watching her play.

First time trying out the bounce house!! She isn't so sure at first but she loved it!

Mayley's Friends Sydney and Kelsey.


newsinaminute said...

what a fun place to go in the fall
that was one huge clydesdale horse
so glad you went. Maybe that will be a tradition to do that each year

*We're Unplugged* said...

Oh, the fun we can have in Tooele! We wanted to go too but we were out of town. I heard about the pumpkin walk all over Tooele last week and was sad we could not make it. Glad you posted pictures, so we could see what we missed!
Traci "Tye" Unrein

The Prices said...

Bri you have such a cute fam! And what a cute'll be fun when Jentri can enjoy stuff like that! Love ya!

Kristi said...

Mooks you are SO BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, I wish I looked like you. Your kids are pretty cute too! Hey, how do you post so many videos-- are they clips that you record on your camera or are they from your video camera? Just curious, I love them! P.S. Did I mention you look beautiful?